Pregnancy Pains

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Every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t experience any back pain, hip pain or leg pain. It was a  smooth pregnancy, but this time with my twins, I’ve been experiencing hip and leg pain since second trimester. I really couldn’t move my legs properly, especially the left one. I always asks my husband or whoever is available to help me lift my left leg whenever I lie down or I need raise it. I’m also having a hard time standing up whenever I finished eating and my mom always told me that now I know how she feels.

My mom has arthritis and she’s been having pain on her legs and knees for ten years. She’s been wearing a knee brace on her left leg whenever she can’t take the pain anymore. I hope this pain, which is caused by the pressure on my uterus, is only temporary and that my hip and leg pain will be gone when I give birth. Good thing I don’t have knee pain or else, I will be like my mom.

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  1. Badet

    I also experienced pain on left hip area when I was pregnant. This will pass, all for the sake of your twins. =)

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