Hospital Necessity for Giving Birth

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Parents should be prepared on what to bring to the hospital when a woman gives birth. As much as possible, things should be ready at least a week of expected delivery so that when the time comes, all things placed in a bag would just be picked up. So what are the things a couple must prepare?

I have made a list and hopefully it might help the mommies out there too.

  • diapers – 1 pack
  • baby wipes – 1 pack
  • cotton
  • alcohol
  • swaddling blankets – around 6 pieces
  • shampoo
  • baby oil
  • baby soap
  • bath towels
  • baby bottles – this is in the least of my priority since I plan to breastfeed my babies
  • burp cloths
  • car seat – this is required in some countries but in our country, it isn’t

Hopefully I didn’t forget any.

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