Carrot and Stick

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It’s really hard to discipline a kid and it’s giving me headaches. Good thing my husband is on the rescue. He doesn’t want me to get stressed so every time our kid will have tantrums, he’s the one to deal with her. I like how he disciplines our kid that he gives a reward for every accomplishment and good behavior she does. If does something wrong or really cried out hard, she won’t get something she wants.

She loves ice cream and has been asking for it for months. To be able to eat some, my husband told her she would be able to eat if she learned what the last letter of the words are. It tool her three weeks before she mastered it but once she did, we gave her an ice cream. She was so happy about it that she eats it everyday. By the way, the half gallon of ice cream is only for her. The next time we’ll give her again is when she learned something new again.

If she did bad for the day, no ice cream for her tomorrow. She cried at first but she understands and try to control her temper. It’s good for her so that she could control her emotions and have discipline as well. I just don’t know how long will it work for her. :)

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