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Addicted to Games


My husband and I let our daughter play online cooking and memory games on the internet. We let her play since we know she would learn about it. She likes Dora cooking games and My Little Pony memory games but recently, she’s been having tantrums and hubby said it could be because of letting her play too much. Even her nanny is addicted to the games she sees online.

Hubby and I decided to limit her gaming again. For now, we only allow her to play with her computer only to watch Dora, Strawberry Shortcake or any animated movies for kids. Anything too much is not good.

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Pregnancy Pains


Every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t experience any back pain, hip pain or leg pain. It was a  smooth pregnancy, but this time with my twins, I’ve been experiencing hip and leg pain since second trimester. I really couldn’t move my legs properly, especially the left one. I always asks my husband or whoever is available to help me lift my left leg whenever I lie down or I need raise it. I’m also having a hard time standing up whenever I finished eating and my mom always told me that now I know how she feels.

My mom has arthritis and she’s been having pain on her legs and knees for ten years. She’s been wearing a knee brace on her left leg whenever she can’t take the pain anymore. I hope this pain, which is caused by the pressure on my uterus, is only temporary and that my hip and leg pain will be gone when I give birth. Good thing I don’t have knee pain or else, I will be like my mom.

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