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Missing the Old Times


I used to live with my sister and her family when I was still single. She offered for me stay there so that I don’t have to rent a room or my own apartment. I loved staying there since I got more closer to her and my nephews. We always watch movies or dine out together when there are birthdays. I used to treat my nephews as my brothers and play with them and buy what they need if they asked me too.

Now that I have my own family, I seldom see them and I miss being with them. I haven’t seen my sister for months because she’s been busy with her work and taking care of her kids. We weren’t even able to see each other last Christmas since I wasn’t able to go to my mom’s house. My mom told me she’s gain a lot of weight than before. I know that she really is having a hard time trimming down her weight even if she had tried going to the gym and did a regular exercise. Mom even said she’s considering taking weight loss pills that work so that she could trim down even a few pounds.


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