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29 Weeks and Worried


It’s my 29th week yesterday and I had an appointment with a perinatologist referred by my doctor. I went to his clinic yesterday for perinat consultation and he performed an ultrasound today to check if the twins are okay. He explained to me the risks of having monochorionic-diamniotic twins and those are having small babies, pre-term labor and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

All of the measurements he made are okay and there are little differences with the size of the twins, except for the abdominal circumference. The difference of the AC is about 2 cm and according to him, if the difference is 2 cm and more, then the risk of TTTS is considered.


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Ear Cleaning


There are lots of ear wax in my daughter’s ears according to her doctor when she had her checkup yesterday. I haven’t removed any from her ears since I’m afraid she might get hurt. Besides, she can still hear properly, but her doctor told us to give my daughter an otic drops that will be put to each ear three times a day to reduce the ear wax. I’ll just follow the doctor’s advice to avoid any problems later on.

Hopefully on my daughter’s next checkup, her ear wax has been reduced when the doctor check her ears using a welch allyn otoscope.

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Needs to Put on Weight


My daughter had her checkup with her pedia this morning for a follow-up after she had her asthma. Her doctor doesn’t have any concern about her health except for her weight. She said my daughter’s weight is below the tenth percentile among her age. Because of this, she advised us to give her milk three times a day.

After I weaned her from breastfeeding, she seldom drinks milk and we don’t force her to drink one. She has been like that ever since, drinking milk when she likes to. I’m just wondering how to make her drink milk like any other kid who loves to drink their milk that they couldn’t sleep without it. I’m not worried though if she her weight gain is below average, as long as she’s healthy.

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