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Cleaning Up


We’ll be having additional members in our family and because of this, my husband cleaned up our room. Before, we have lots of appliances in our room including TV, amplifier, cd player, stereo and speakers. Hubby used to listen to the music and watch videos while inside our room but because we will be needing more space for the babies, we decided to place these appliances in the other room. Some of the stuffs we won’t be needing such as the stereo and speakers were shipped to Davao including the audio and video cables. Papa loves to listen to music to unwind so we sent him those since he’ll surely love it.

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Getting Paranoid


I’m getting paranoid since I know some of my friends who are pregnant as well with twins have already given birth prematurely. The mommies suffered pre-term labor due to Urinary Tract Infection. The first mommy I know from a forum gave birth at 31 weeks and her babies are still in the incubator with some complications.

The other mommy who is a friend also gave birth prematurely. I forgot to ask her how many weeks she gave birth since it just happened recently. She said she experienced labor for six days and before her doctor performed CS operation. Good thing for her, the twins were only placed in the incubator for two days even if they are pre-term.


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