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Enjoyable Boracay Activity


My husband went with his friends to Boracay last year. It’s the first time he and his buddies went on vacation after a decade. They used the voucher we had for a three nights stay at a hotel and they really had fun with their vacation. They just stayed at the beach did some activities like snorkeling, island hopping and swimming in the morning and go bar hopping at night. The most enjoyable activity my husband told me that they did is that they rode an ATV going to Mt. Luho peak to see the view of the island. He just said the one he was able to ride was already a little bit worn out and would need some new ATV Accessories. Anyway, I’m glad that he had fun with his friends. He wants to go back there again for another ATV ride but it’s not possible now since I’m pregnant and he couldn’t leave me.

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Saturday 9 : Closer to Home


1. Where did you grow up? Where do you consider home?


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A Present from Papa


My parents-in-law arrived the day after Christmas last year and they a few days with us. They brought lots of food including my mom-in-law’s lasagna and bake ribs. My dad-in-law gave us gifts, shawl and pearl bracelet for my daughter, blank for my husband and pearl necklace for me. Aside from that, he told me he has another gift for me and from the door, he pushed the wheelchair!

The wheelchair is not brand new. It’s from his mom but he said he borrowed it for me since my doctor advised me to use the wheelchair if I could get one for my pregnancy. Since we don’t want any complications too, we told papa if he knows someone where we could borrow a wheelchair. We were surprised since he didn’t said anything about it before they went here, or else, I would have asked the administration office of the building where we live in if they have tool or something for material handling. Good thing the wheelchair is not that heavy.

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