Wearing Maternity Clothes

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I’m used to wearing shirts and pants but when I am pregnant, I have no choice but to wear maternity clothes. I only have few maternity wears which I used when I was pregnant with my first child. I didn’t buy any maternity wear this time since I don’t go out to go to the office because I’m on bed red and I can work from home. The only time that I go out is when I need to visit my doctor. When I go out, I used my old maternity clothes since they are still good and some of the clothes I wear are empire cut blouses which can also be used as maternity wear.

The other reason why I didn’t buy any maternity wear for going out is because I’m thinking I won’t be able to wear them once I give birth and have trimmed down my weight (wishing!). For my house clothes, my mom bought me a few house dresses since my husband’s shirts won’t fit me anymore.

I was excited the first time I got pregnant because of lots of maternity dresses to wear but when time came that I need to get some, I only bought a few since practicality won.

How about you mommies? Did you get lots of maternity clothes?

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