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My husband and I are thinking of sending our daughter to a play school beginning next year. We think she’s getting bored with her daily activities here in the house and that it would be good for her to be exposed to a different environment. She’ll also be playing while learning though so we are considering sending her to a play school.

I was hesitant before to send her to school since she’s only two years old, but next year, she’ll turn three and we are not going to send her to a traditional school yet. It would be a play school for now. We are browsing the internet for play schools in Makati and looked into Prima Day Care and Play School that came up from google search.

The school’s location is in Ascott Hotel besides Glorietta. The place is quite accessible for us and what we like about the school is that kids could be sent either for only a short period of time or on a full school year. We might try a short period only as a trial basis to see if my daughter will like it. The only down side is that the fees are quite expensive. But we are thinking play schools are really expensive.

Here is their website if you are also looking for a play school in Makati area. Do you happen to know other play schools here in Makati?

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