Giving Positive Reinforcements

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My daughter is in the stage where she will throw tantrums whenever we scold her or ask her not to do something. She’s in her terrible twos age so she would also throw tantrums whenever she didn’t get what she wants. But my husband thought of praising her on whatever she does right so that she would always be in a good. We think she likes to be praised for something good she had done so we commend her for it. Hubby doesn’t believe in spanking kids as punishment and he thinks giving positive reinforcements are better. Since my daughter likes to play with my cellphone, he thought of using it as a reward.

We give her my cellphone whenever she didn’t throw tantrums the whole day. But if she does, we won’t let her play with it the next day. Because of this, she seldom throw tantrums the past weeks, but sometimes, she couldn’t control her emotions, which is understandable. If she does though, no cellphone for her and she understands it too.

Aside from our bargain, we also talk to her why we get mad at her or why she couldn’t get what she wants always and I’m thankful that my daughter understands why after. That’s also the reason why she can control her tantrums sometimes.

I was just wondering until when could she control her tantrums though. Maybe one day she’ll realize that her dad are praising her so that she’ll be in a good mood most of the time. :)

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