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Cousin On Board


My cousin from my mother side has just finished his studies and is now looking for a job. He’s thinking of working abroad because he would be able to earn fast than working here locally. Since he’s a maritime engineer, the perfect job for him to be a seaman but he could start with being a deck cadet just to get an experience and eventually work as a tanker crew. He won’t need to worry about being injured or falling ill though since he’ll be well compensated for sure. If ever, he can consult a Maritime Lawyer for help regarding injuries and sickness.

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Missing My Daughter


My daughter went with hubby and parents-in-law for an overnight stay at Canyon Cove in Batangas. I was pretty sure that she would enjoy and won’t long for me since she have been wanting to go the beach for a long time. I was surprised though I was expecting it a little bit that she would be asking to go home. She called me yesterday with the help of her dad that she wanted to go back to Makati. She was crying really hard and I couldn’t understand what she was saying except that she wants to go back to mommy.

Good thing her grandpa was able to pacify her for a few hours. Night time came and she called me again. She was crying again telling me she doesn’t want to sleep and asking me if it’s still morning. I just told her to sleep so that she can wake up earl, wait for the sunrise at the beach and play with the sands.


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Loves to Swim


My daughter loves to swim and since I got pregnant, no more vacation for us, but she always asks me that she wants to go to the beach and swim. So when my in-laws came here for Christmas and wanted to go out of town, I told my hubby that they could go to Batangas so that our daughter could also swim. But hubby called me yesterday afternoon telling me that it’s so cold and my daughter was crying because no one would accompany her to swim. I told hubby that there could be an indoor pool with jacuzzi where they could swim. He said he’ll ask the resort if there is. If not, they could just wake up early and go to the beach to play with the sand. I’m sure she’ll love it as well if she couldn’t swim.

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