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Watch and Kikay Kit Giveaway from Quicker8


I’m joining another contest and this time, it’s from Quicker8. :) This will be her second contest following the success of her first blog contest. Two fossil watches and one Kate Spade kikay kit will be given. I haven’t worn a watch for a long time and winning this would be great. The kikay kit will be good as well. Actually any prize will do since all are nice. :) (more…)

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Kids Love to Help


My daughter loves to help around the house. She’s at stage where she wants to do everything. She helps folding the clothes, wiping the tables and even mopping the floor. She gets mad whenever she saw her nanny doing things and she wasn’t asked to help.

She even takes care of me by trying to help me stand up whenever I need to go to the bathroom or eat outside. Whenever I go out to the dining room, she will prepare my chair for me and after I took a bath, she will dry the chair that I used.


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