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Asthma Worsens


My daughter’s asthma has gotten worse. She wasn’t able to sleep the whole night, even if we already nebulized her. By morning, she seemed weak and doesn’t want to be on her own. She always wants to be carried and since I couldn’t carry her, her nanny was the one who carries her most of the time.

She doesn’t even want to play and would just sit and do nothing. I told my husband about it and since I couldn’t bring her to the doctor, he was the one who brought her to her pediatrician after lunch. After an hour, he called me that my daughter was being nebulized and was about to be given 4 doses. If her condition is okay then she would be allowed to go home. If not, she has to be confined. I got worried sick but couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to be with her and comfort her. I didn’t even know that they were at the emergency room.


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