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Happy New Year 2011!

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May the coming year be better than all the years we’ve had. May we be able to do some of the things we’ve always wanted to do and be able to find time to do it. May all the problems we’ve encountered be a reminder for us to be stronger. Let’s all welcome all the challenges that lie ahead of us. Happy New Year!

Great news, whether the new year is coming soon, click. I would like it to come sooner.

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Watery Wednesday : Fountain


This is my first time to join Watery Wednesday and first photo is of a fountain from SM Mall of Asia. That’s our family favorite mall. Really nice to just hang out there especially at night time. I wasn’t able to go this year so the picture was taken by hubby when he went there with our daughter and in-laws.


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As early as now, I’m planning for my twins’ baptism. With my first pregnancy, we had our first child baptized in Davao City but this time, hubby and I are planning to baptize the twins here in Manila. We are thinking of having them baptized when they turn three months old at the church near where we live and have a simple celebration where immediate family and godparents will be invited. As souvenirs, I’m thinking of personalized gifts. Maybe I should start looking for personalized stocking stuffer ideas now so that I could pick the design that I like.

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27 Weeks Pregnancy


I’m on my 27th week of pregnancy today! 9 more weeks to go and it will be safe for my twins! I can’t wait to see them that I want to drag the days to for me to reach 36 weeks. I’m not hoping for 40 weeks since I’m carrying twins and my doctor told me she’d be happy for me to reach Valentine’s. My weight is also way more than the required weight for multiple pregnancy.

I’m just worried about having preterm labor. I’m reading a forum about pregnancy and one of the mommies had given birth at 31st weeks. She was only give a steroid shot when she began have preterm labor. She said she had UTI so I’m taking cranberry juice now and drinking lots of water to avoid having one.


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Cousin On Board


My cousin from my mother side has just finished his studies and is now looking for a job. He’s thinking of working abroad because he would be able to earn fast than working here locally. Since he’s a maritime engineer, the perfect job for him to be a seaman but he could start with being a deck cadet just to get an experience and eventually work as a tanker crew. He won’t need to worry about being injured or falling ill though since he’ll be well compensated for sure. If ever, he can consult a Maritime Lawyer for help regarding injuries and sickness.

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