Yummy Mango Cake

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I’ve been craving for a cake since last week. I was surprised that my husband gave in to my cravings and said i could order one from Red Ribbon. He said I can order a cake as long as it’s not chocolate cake.

So I thought what cake should I order? The cakes that doesn’t have any hint of chocolate are ube cake, mocha cake and mango cake. I decided to go with mango cake.

When we tasted it, it’s so yummy and not that sweet. I thought my husband won’t like it but he did! He said it’s yummy than the mocha cake (this one’s his favorite).

Even my daughter was able to finish a slice and was asking for more.

The next time we are going to order a cake from Red Ribbon, it will be a mango cake.

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  1. Jade

    I want some cake too! But where we live, there’s no red ribbon or even goldilocks. I guess I just have to bake it myself.

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