Terrible Twos

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The past weeks, my daughter will be throwing tantrums whenever she doesn’t get what she wants, or if she thinks we don’t understand her. It has been like that, especially at night time before we sleep. It will start if she will ask me to tell her a story and then it will end up with her crying.

My husband, the one who disciplines her, will be giving her a timeout. After a minute or so, she will calm down. But, then after a few minutes, she will start crying again over such simple things like her feet itchy or she wants some blanket but she doesn’t like how I place it on her.

My hubby, the one who’s having a hard time controlling her, researched the net about her attitude and he found out it’s a developmental stage which begins sometime in a kid’s toddler years. It’s called “terrible twos”.

Terrible twos will have a toddler having frequent mood swings and reacting negative when being told the word “no”. The way to react with their tantrums is to act calmly and that we shouldn’t give in to tantrums.

I’ve also realized that I’ve been neglecting her, one of the reasons she has been acting like that. It’s time to make it up to her and give her lots of my free time.

I do hope the terrible twos phase will be over soon.

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