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I had my piano lesson when I was 11 eleven years old. I remember the first time my parents had me enrolled at Yamaha School of Music at first, but we don’t have a piano yet. I didn’t know then that my father was planning to buy me one. I was so happy when he bought me one.

Since the school was far from our house, my mother had me enrolled at a music school near our place. That’s when I really begin to learn how to play the piano. I was able to finish the whole course and even joined recitals twice. I was even able to use my skills by joining a choir as a pianist and playing at the weddings.

It has been 12 years since I was playing the piano regularly. Honestly, I think I have to study again or spend a lot of time playing the instrument before I get confident again that I can play it the same as before. I stopped playing the piano regularly when I left the choir.

Now, I’m thinking of teaching my daughter how to play the piano. I don’t think I am a good teacher for her but since she’s just starting, I do hope she just learn how to read notes and play some simple tunes after  quite some time.

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  1. prince

    one of my frustration is to learn on how to play piano but i dont have a change to make it so thats why i am quite envy with you..LOL anyways have a great day ahead…thanks

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