How early do you buy items for your baby?

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I’m only on my 22nd week of pregnancy and thinking it’s still too early to buy baby items at this stage. When I was pregnant with my first child, I think we shopped for clothes on my 7th month. We didn’t buy much since we thought babies grow faster so it would be a waste to buy a lot.

Now, I can’t do any shopping since I’m on bed rest. It would be my hubby who will do the baby shopping. Knowing him, he won’t buy until it’s really needed and that would be when I reach 8th months pregnancy, LOL. I can’t argue though since we live near the mall and there are still newborn clothes that the babies can wear if ever.

We don’t need to buy a crib anymore and the babies will just use what their sister used before. We only need some newborn clothes, feeding bottles, breast pump and stroller I think.

I still have my Avent Isis breast pump before but I’m thinking to get a new one, an electric type maybe since I need to save time taking care of the kids and expressing milk. For the stroller, we didn’t use one before since we didn’t bring our daughter to the mall until she’s almost one year old. If ever we need to bring her, I just use a baby sling. But now, I think we need a stroller now because of the twins.

Those items can wait until I’m on my 8th month but still, it’s exciting to buy new items for the babies. :)

How about you? how early do you buy items for your baby? It’s also expensive to get some of the items, right?

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