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I have a lot to learn when it comes to budgeting. I always exceeds my budget every time and there hasn’t been a time when I was able to save some. Now that I’m married, I should be able to spend money wisely, right? But still, I couldn’t budget properly. My husband always gets mad at me that I am spending way over our monthly budget, LOL!

All of my salary were spent on the house rent, utility bills, phone bills, groceries and other miscellaneous stuff. Most of the time, I withdraw some more from my husbands account. But, no matter how I make some allotments to meet the budget, the salary I get is still not enough to make ends meet.

We need to trim down our utility bills and grocery expenses so that my salary will be enough. But I also need to earn some extra money so that I won’t get some from my husband’s.

There are really good mommies out there who are really good at budgeting. But this mommy writing this post is a failure.

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  1. Jade

    What kind of work do you do? Maybe you can earn something extra by working online. I could teach you how if you don’t know yet.

  2. admin

    I work as a software developer. :) I’ve read from other mommies who blog that you can earn by writing paid posts. I tried submitting on payu2blog but my blog hasn’t been approved yet. I haven’t tried PTC sites though. Would you know other ways to earn online? Need to have extra earnings since when I give birth, I won’t have any salary from the company I work for about two months.

  3. admin

    I forgot, thanks for your offer to help. :)

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