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blankPixel’s Thirty on 30 Contest


This will be my first time to join a blog contest and I’m thankful to blankPixel for inviting me. Mhel of JustAnotherPixel is having a contest in celebration of her 30th birthday and her blog’s second anniversary. Over $300 in prizes will be given with the help of generous sponsors.

Want to join the contest? Click on the banner below. Who knows? You might be one of the lucky winners. :) (more…)

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22 Weeks of Pregnancy


I’m now on the 22nd week of pregnancy! Yay! I’m halfway there and getting bigger each day. My weight is now more than my target weight when I reach 24 weeks but my doctor said that it’s okay. I visited her last Tuesday for my scheduled checkup and show her the result of my congenital anomaly scan. I also asked her if it’s okay that the other twin’s heart rate is lower than the other one and she said it’s okay as long as it’s within the range.

Our target week so that my doctor can do a caesarean section is at least 34 weeks. I hope to be able to reach that week so that there are lesser risks for the twins.


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