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Able to pee on potty again


I’ve posted last week here that my daughter doesn’t want to pee on her potty for a while, for the reason we don’t know. But starting last Sunday, she began peeing again on it! Before that, she was able to pee on her potty, but with pampers covering it. Then one time, her nanny tricked her that when she was about to sit, it was removed. Ever since, she was able to pee on her potty again.

All of us are happy, especially my daughter since she is now able to drink apple juice again. I’m not sure what happened to her before, that she became afraid of peeing, but all that matters now is the she doesn’t hold her pee again and she is able to pee on her potty, as she feels the need to.

Tags: pee, phobia, potty training

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