PostHeaderIcon Trick or treat time for kids this Halloween

It’s Halloween and there are lots of Halloween events everywhere. The school in the building were we live conducted a Halloween Trick or Treat for kids, in which they invited all the kids in the community, even if they are not their student. The fee is only 150 pesos.

I had my daughter registered so that she can participate and the gift pack included pumpkin basket, toys and candies. They conducted some parlor games and afterwards, they went to the building offices for some trick or treat.

My daughter wore her blue gown, which she had worn when she was a flower girl at my cousin’s wedding. She also had a fairy wing and a princess crown to match her gown. She looked pretty! I just wished I could post pics here but my husband won’t allow me to post pictures of her on my blog, for her safety and security as well.

Anyway, since I am on bed rest, her nanny went with her. They came back after two hours carrying the pumpkin bag with lots of candies, chocolates and toys. She couldn’t eat those though since her daddy doesn’t want her to get used to eating candies, until she reaches five years old. :)

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