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Macro Flower Saturday – Pink Chrysanthemum


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Trick or treat time for kids this Halloween


It’s Halloween and there are lots of Halloween events everywhere. The school in the building were we live conducted a Halloween Trick or Treat for kids, in which they invited all the kids in the community, even if they are not their student. The fee is only 150 pesos.

It's not such a huge price to pay for such an entertainment weiter. I would gladly give more for such an offer.

I had my daughter registered so that she can participate and the gift pack included pumpkin basket, toys and candies. They conducted some parlor games and afterwards, they went to the building offices for some trick or treat.


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Bedtime routine


Every child has their own bedtime routins. Some likes to watch television before sleeping, while some likes to have their parents read books or tell stories to them. My daughter is not an exception, since she has her bedtime routine and I’m included in it.

Every night, before sleeping, we will watch one of her favorite shows, but we won’t finish watching it. We’ll watch for just about thirty minutes. Then afterwards, we would pray with her daddy and she would participate by saying “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.” We will then lie down and then we will sing ABCs or whatever song she would request me to sing, with her singing along.


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What I hate during pregnancy


There are lots of things a woman can’t do when pregnant. Well, not all woman though. Those who are weaklings like me, with not much muscles on her abs, who are on bed rest and are on high risk are surely not enjoying their pregnancy that much. Still, it’s a good feeling and it fulfills one’s womanhood when one is pregnant.

Though it’s still a good feeling when being pregnant, there are still some things a woman dislike and personally, here are what I don’t like. (more…)

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Daughter doesn’t want to pee on her potty


My daughter has been potty trained since she was two years old. She can pee as well as poop on her potty and also on the toilet bowl using a potty seat.

Two months ago, she stop peeing in the restroom ever since the leak in the faucet was fixed by a plumber. She got afraid when she heard us being concerned about the plumber using epoxy to fix the leak, since I am pregnant too and it’s very dangerous to smell the solvent.


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