What is Placenta Previa?

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I was diagnosed to have placenta previa on my 11th week of pregnancy. This is the reason why I had some bleeding. During the ultrasound, the sonologist told me that my placenta is low lying and it’s grade 0.  They told me that I should be on bed rest as much as possible since the placenta is covering my cervix.

So, when I got home from the hospital, I researched about it. I wasn’t able to found regarding grade 0 since all I’ve found is at least grade 1. According to wikipedia:

Placenta previa is classified according to the placement of the placenta:

  • Type I or low lying: The placenta encroaches the lower segment of the uterus but does not infringe on the cervical os.
  • Type II or marginal: The placenta touches, but does not cover, the top of the cervix.
  • Type III or partial: The placenta partially covers the top of the cervix
  • Type IV or complete: The placenta completely covers the top of the cervix

I’m just guessing that I have a Type I, but will have to ask my OBGyne to confirm. I’ve also read that the placenta still has the tendency to move out on the later part of pregnancy and we are praying hard that my placenta will.

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