Bleeding during Pregnancy

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I was hospitalized for three days because of bleeding. Last time, I experienced some brownish discharge. That was on my 9th week of pregnancy, if I remember it correctly. Last Sunday was different. I saw some reddish blood on my underwear when I peed.

Of course, I panicked and called my OBGyne. My husband also asked me to just lie down and rest, even if I didn’t do anything stressful.

My doctor told me to take Isoxillan and if the bleeding didn’t stop, I should go to the hospital for observation. I did take the medicine but after a few minutes, I decided to call her again since I’m afraid that the bleeding won’t stop. So, there we went to the hospital for further tests.

The babies are fine, but my placenta is covering my cervix. They said it was the cause of the bleeding. So, I was confined for further observations. I was also having some contractions that time.  Good thing the bleeding stopped after a few hours, but the next day, when I was about to be discharged from the hospital, I had a brownish discharge again. Thus, I stayed another day at the hospital.

I spent three days at the hospital and was advised on bed rest, as much as possible.

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