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Baby sling or Stroller?



Using baby slings have become “in” the past years. There are lots of mommies (daddies too) who can be seen carrying their baby using a sling or pouch. Even celebrity moms were pictured wearing their babies in a sling.


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What is Placenta Previa?


I was diagnosed to have placenta previa on my 11th week of pregnancy. This is the reason why I had some bleeding. During the ultrasound, the sonologist told me that my placenta is low lying and it’s grade 0.  They told me that I should be on bed rest as much as possible since the placenta is covering my cervix.

Yes, I approve of it, I also really like the site. We'd see them more often if we knew.

So, when I got home from the hospital, I researched about it. I wasn’t able to found regarding grade 0 since all I’ve found is at least grade 1. According to wikipedia: (more…)

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Bleeding during Pregnancy


I was hospitalized for three days because of bleeding. Last time, I experienced some brownish discharge. That was on my 9th week of pregnancy, if I remember it correctly. Last Sunday was different. I saw some reddish blood on my underwear when I peed.

Of course, I panicked and called my OBGyne. My husband also asked me to just lie down and rest, even if I didn’t do anything stressful.


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Pregnancy – Constipated?


One of the difficulties during pregnancy is a woman being constipated. I have experienced this myself and it really was hard. Most probably it is due to the vitamins I am taking that’s causing the constipation.

My OBGyne told me to drink prune juice to regulate my bowel movement and to eat lots of fiber rich food. Well, I don’t like prune juice so what I did was to eat watermelon everyday. I also see to it to eat lots of green leafy vegetables to help in my bowel movement. Also, I eat oatmeal everyday as well. So far, while eating lots of fiber, I’m not that constipated anymore.


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Pregnancy: 11 Weeks


I’m now on the 11th week of pregnancy. A week more and I’ll be on my second trimester! I could wait until I feel my babies move inside my tummy! According to BabyCenter, at 11 weeks, the baby is move than one inches long and is now almost fully formed. The baby is also busy moving though the mother couldn’t feel it yet.

I’m excited to feel my babies move inside me! I thinking of getting a doppler so that I can hear their heartbeat whenever I want to. But a fetal doppler is quite expensive, I think.


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