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How do you discipline your toddler? Do you spank, use belt, or anything that would serve as punishment? My husband and I use “timeout”.

Timeout is a way of making your child stand up on a corner or any place where he or she will be alone for a few minutes. We would do that to our daughter whenever she’s having tantrums and won’t listen to us. We just tell her to face the wall and not to move until she has calm down. Giving her a timeout also calms us down even if we are mad at her.

At first, when my husband suggested it, I thought it was hard since I don’t think at first that my daughter will really stop from having her tantrums. But, after a while, she did. Most likely she got tired of crying, but she has calmed down after.

It’s our way of disciplining our kid. Maybe, it’s not the normal way parents do but we think it works for us.

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