Right age for kids to start school

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Kids nowadays go to school as an early age of two. But, what is the really right age for them to start going to school? Why do parents send the child as early as age two to school? Is it really for the kid to learn since they don’t have time to teach their kids?

Some parents say so that the kids would learn how to socialize at their early age. It could be true, as my daughter is not that friendly with other kids. It’s just now that she begins to say hi and talk to other kids though she’s not going to school or daycare yet.

Personally, I think sending a child in a play school is okay so that a he or she would get adjusted to a school atmosphere once they are sent to a regular school, but the parents are still the best teacher for child I think until age 5 or 6. I’m afraid to send my child to school at such an early age for fear that she’ll get tired of studying sooner unlike when she goes to school at age 5 or 6 on which she would be ready.

I would like my child though to learn independence and going to play school will help her with that. Anyway, we’ll just see when she would be ready to go to school, be it a play school or a proper school.

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