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My daughter got some allergies


We rushed our daughter to the hospital last midnight due to skin allergies. Actually, Sunday morning when she woke up, there were already some rashes on her cheeks. I thought it was only due to the way she slept, but my husband thought it was already an allergy. We washed her cheeks every two hours until the rashes were gone.

Many will encounter this, it was a scary site. But it's good that everything went well.

In the afternoon, small rashes appeared again on her thighs, but we were still able to manage it by washing frequently. It was during night time that my daughter woke up crying. She couldn’t go back to sleep so my husband turned on the light so that we can check if something was wrong with her. When he turned on the light and we checked her body, there were rashes on he arms, thighs and butt as well as her cheeks. My husband said that we should bring her to the hospital and so we did.


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How do you discipline your toddler? Do you spank, use belt, or anything that would serve as punishment? My husband and I use “timeout”.

Timeout is a way of making your child stand up on a corner or any place where he or she will be alone for a few minutes. We would do that to our daughter whenever she’s having tantrums and won’t listen to us. We just tell her to face the wall and not to move until she has calm down. Giving her a timeout also calms us down even if we are mad at her.


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Another severe pain


Pregnancy is really journey, where a mother can really feel both a comfort and discomfort. Lots from this journey is discomfort as the tummy grows bigger, I think. I am not complaining though since I know that after this, I would be able to see my babies after and all these discomforts will be forgotten.

After I posted that I’m having severe lower back pain last week, another one came up yesterday. This time, the pain is much worse than the back pain I experienced. The pain was on the left side starting from my waist down to my hips. I couldn’t even walk properly because of this pain that I have to call my doctor worrying that it might be pregnancy related. The doctor asked me to go the hospital for an ultrasound. I’m relieved that the results are okay. That means, the pain is non pregnancy related.


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9 weeks of pregnancy


I’m now on my 9th week of pregnancy! Yes, I’m counting each week about the progress of my pregnancy and so far, so good. I had another ultrasound today due to other concerns but the result shows that the babies are okay. They are moving now, and have a complete set of body parts, though very small at this stage.

I’m very happy and couldn’t ask for anything more. I just have to eat well for the babies and take the vitamins given by my OB to keep me and them healthy as well. My next visit to the doctor would be on September 14th and couldn’t wait once again for that.

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A parent’s patience


Having a kid really changed a lot, not only in our outlook in life, but only the way we act toward our kids. I don’t usually have patience when it comes to dealing with people who tends to ask the same thing over and over again but then, when I had a child, it changed.

I then have to gather all the patience that I’ve got not to get easily angry or mad whenever my daughter does something wrong. Sometimes, no matter how mad I am at her, it just disappears whenever she kisses me and say sorry.


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