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Most kids become picky eater at a certain stage on their age and my daughter is not exempted.  My daughter has been a picky eater since she was more than a year old.  There are times that she would only eat corn flakes and oatmeal the whole day but not rice.  She also doesn’t drink milk anymore.  Well sometimes she does but that would be once or twice a week drinking only two small packs of fresh milk.  She doesn’t want any formula and I already weaned her so her only source of milk is a once in a while fresh milk.

Her food preference before are vegetables such as beans, radish, potatoes and carrots.  But, things changed and she only want radish among the vegetables she eat.  For meat, I cannot give her any fish or chicken due to her atopic dermatitis so her only source of protein are either tofu, pork and beef.

There are times that she only eat food without rice but we don’t force her to eat some rice since for us, her getting protein is more important that carbohydrates.  There are also times that she eat a lot and that’s the time we give her lots of food.

My daughter’s weight is just enough so I’m not worried if she is like that when it comes to food.  She’s happy playing and learning things around her is what’s important for us.

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