How to Conceive a Girl?

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Many say that it’s easy to conceive a girl than a boy. I think it genes include a big part of whether a girl is easier to conceive. But, there are lots of helpful tips nowadays that will help the couple achieve to make a baby girl.

The most important thing to take note when planning to conceive is to determine the time of ovulation. It is recommended to make love at 2 to 3 days before ovulation to increase chances of conceiving a girl. The reason could be that the X chromosome can live longer than the Y chromosome.

If it is the day that you think you will ovulate, then you and your partner should avoid making love on that day. It is recommended to have sex everyday from the end of your period up to 2 or 3 days before you ovulate.

There are ovulation kits that can be bought at the drugstores nowadays, though they are quite costly like pregnancy kits. But it would help determine if you are fertile or not.

You might want to check this site for some tips.

So, it’s quite easy to conceive a girl, right? Still, it really depends on what God would give a couple, though it would hurt to try the tips said on the site.

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